Vera Nova, Founder of New Era Expo and The Nova Town Futuristic Development

Vera Nova"Vera Nova, Founder of New Era Expo and Creative Director for The Nova Town Society, has been recognized by for demonstrating dedication, leadership and excellence in e-commerce and futuristic urban infrastructure development.

An inspired visionary, Vera Nova cannot be categorized. Her professional philosophies are much the same as her personal subscriptions - brimming with attuned insight and blazing with ambition while still grounded in realization. What does this all mean? Well, Ms. Nova has spent much of her adult life pondering the limitations of our perceived reality as well as our modern age of technology. She asks questions such as: 'Why, in this modern age of technology, that allows us to communicate almost instantly worldwide, we understand each other no more acutely than centuries ago? Why our perceptions of our reality are so limited that we continue to argue, fight and resort to war?' and 'How might we redefine the values of our own existence if we learn that our civilization and mentality have developed based on the most elusive sensory perception we possess: our sight?'

Ms. Nova's head is heavy, not only with questions but, with practical solutions to some of the world's most complex keys for peaceful coexistence among ourselves, and with nature - the greatest school of all we can attend.

Ms. Nova is the founder of New Era Expo, a highly innovative online enterprise, which is uniquely designed to stimulate the international market for independent small businesses by promoting a year-round exhibition..... New Era Expo creates its own field for sound small businesses where they can interact with a new generation of intelligent learning consumers, who wish to take control of their markets. Anyone can freely visit New Era Expo virtual show at any time, without any cost, or commitment to a membership.

Ms. Nova believes that even in our age of uncontrollable mass production, consumers do have power over their markets. She states, 'Consumers are kings of our markets, but they do not know that.' While we witness endless discussions among politicians, journalists and economists, these very consumers, themselves, are capable of creating this great economic change. They have a choice between allowing monopolies to manipulate their taste and needs for the sake of monopolies' profits, and taking control over their markets, which cannot exist without them - consimers. At the present time consumers have a delightful job to do - by discovering and choosing varieties of the best of the best products and ideas they create their own markets that serve them, and therefore our new economy the best way. These wonderful products and ideas are already available for them but are hidden in the shadow of the 'market-running' companies, their loud advertisements and promotional campaigns.

However, for creating a healthy intelligent economy, Consumers have to run their markets, while Producers are to serve them. It is a very peaceful process without any need to fight 'the rulers' of our markets, who are mindlessly polluting our water and air, selling genetically engineered food and other questionable products. Without having any consumer demand they will be left with a chioce - to intelligently change their outdated concepts and products according to the new independent consumers' demand, or collaps.

Why is that sound traditional as well as innovative small businesses are so crucially important for our survival and prosperity? Unlike mammoth industries, small production companies are potentially more flexible and can be more in tune with today's reality and intelligent demand. If they fail, she asserts, they do not create global economic and environmental disasters.

Ms. Nova maintains that large, commercial systems are still very important, but only as supportive systems, especially in cases of crisis. Whether these are great ideas, advanced education or great quality products and services, if we learn how to support them today, Ms. Nova feels that this will be our chance to intelligently revive our economy and greatly improve our knowledge about the world and mode of living.

Ms. Nova's vision for New Era Expo is to offer a grand step into a better future through the revision of questionable and conventional mindsets relating to all aspects of our existence. This future, she believes, will only be obtained through the revaluation and improvement of our education, ethics, healthcare, entertainment, arts, economics, sciences, technology, and farming within our rapidly changing environment.


.....Ms. Nova is the founder and creative director for the First Futuristic Town in America project. The Nova Town, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a highly innovative, sustainable futuristic community to explore and nurture new environmental, ethical, health, economic and educational concepts and solutions.

"The Nova Society International Symposia and Nova Town Contests are designed to encourage and support non-commercial original thought, as well as to develop and establish real values for the unknown and unique." Says Ms. Nova on Nova Town's home site,

"Our vast, contemporary systems require us to squeeze our feet into a pair of one-size-fits-all shoes and our minds into conventional thinking...Nova Town is aimed to reinvent a concept of the notorious urban infrastructure in which we are trapped not only economically, but physically and psychologically. Our goal is to build a futuristic town model that will serve as an inspiration and possible standard for other communities around the world. Nova Town's environment will be that on an exciting, peaceful sanctuary where visitors of all kinds can contemplate themselves, others and nature in more peaceful and creative ways...[It] is the future we can discover together.

Come to us, think with us, build with us."


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Vera Nova is a member of the "Sciencedebate dot com" www.ScienceDebate.Org

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Nova Town

Vera Nova is the founder and creative director of Nova Town, an ambitious, nonprofit 501(c)(3), designing and developing a futuristic community to promote eco-friendly living based upon a highly advanced urban infrastructure, an alternative energy transportation road system, enchanting architecture, and an innovative, sustainable micro-economy. Nova Town is designed to become a futuristic international community to serve as an exemplar for the most effective solutions to numerous global economic, social and environmental problems, and to inspire and set new standards for communities around the world.

Nova Town
Nova Town Society

Nova Town's park-like streets, picturesque townhouse studios, one-of-a-kind restaurants, bakeries, unique book stores, small theaters, unique schools with gardens/nurseries, enchanting small hotels, bed and breakfast accommodations, and futuristic transportation, will become a place for everyone to enter an inspirational, peaceful future.

Advanced education is one of the main Nova Town goals, which may be achieved only through an open collaboration among scientists, inventors, artists, journalists, educators, entrepreneurs, and individuals with imaginative and creative minds.

Nova Town helps professionals and laymen exchange their unique experiences and enrich their knowledge. Ms. Nova explains: "Contemporary professional fields are very restricted, [and] have very narrowed goals and limited research. The gaps among these institutions are often colossal, leaving many of the leading scientists, industrial developers, politicians and educators unaware of the crucial knowledge available outside their fields. " Ms. Nova also added that "When someone gifted and intuitive is capable of thinking beyond the established concepts and beliefs, our society has a good chance to harvest major achievements in time, and to create further progress." The Nova Town is designed to hold a series of one-of-a-kind international expositions, seminars and symposiums covering ideas such as new infrastructure, alternative energy, transportation, computer technology, communication, advanced education, and new agriculture. Demonstrations of renewable energy will be conducted on the community premises...

Furthermore, the project aims to create a healthy growth of meaningful small businesses intended to support economic diversification and sustainability.