Become a New Exhibitor


By joining our year-round shows as an EXHIBITOR you contribute to your own future. The NEW ERA Expo is a highly prestigious and effective exposure for advanced educators, sound small businesses and creative people, suppressed by gigantic brainless mass production, which is  not driven by our real life changing demands. We are looking for talented hardworking people, new ideas and research, innovative entrepreneurs, who take an admirable responsibility for creating and conducting their own work, providing great services, manufacturing their own high quality production, or working on their unique projects. They deserve our best attention and support, great exposure through our site, and in some special cases through local, national and international sources of media.

We also invite large manufacturers who understand and to serve new market demand, introducing their new soundly innovative or traditional products to our visitors. 

NEW ERA EXPO gives you international exposure to the world. Please remember - our fast growing online enterprise, is a brand new "clear water" internet, free of obscenity, pornography, violence, money-making driven manipulations and systems, dogmatic political and religious standpoints or propaganda.

New Era Expo campaign is designed by The Nova Town non-profit charitable organization, which deeply values your personal creativity and personal responsibility for your own business, your unique craftsmanship, your independent research and healthy mentality, without which our global community cannot survive and prosper.

We very much want you to succeed and further develop your business, because your future is our future we are building today. 

We welcome you to enjoy our outstanding charitable services. We feature and promote our exhibitors through their personal virtual booths, rotating advertising banners, allowing exhibitors images to be seen by all our visitors. and links to their own websites. These services are free of any charges as our contribution to the Future we build together today.

New Era Expo encourages you to make your new contacts directly with all our exhibitors and consumers.  No commercial tricky charges whatsoever.

Once you have set-up your New Era Expo "BOOTH", you will automatically  be included in our DIRECTORY, and provide you with additional links on an Internet.


Once you submit your text, images and/or video please allow us a few days for reviewing your material.   After New Era Expo approval we will email you our special link which will lead you through a very simple process of building your New Era Expo virtual booth  and,  therefore, becoming our fabulous exhibitor.  

We will provide you with special instructions to help you set-up your New Era Expo "BOOTH".

New Era Expo periodically nominates  the best exhibitors for special awards and/or some additional promotional exposure.