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WE WELCOME YOU AS OUR VISITORS TO BROWSE among our unique virtual booths.

The New Era Expo, a brand new campaign created by  The Nova Town CHARITABLE organization, advertises only its exhibitors. If  any image on either side of this page interests you click on it,  and it will take you to it’s exhibitor booth.

This fast growing one-of-a-kind international EXPO ONINE is to service a new generation of intelligent, selective consumers, who wish to enjoy the exciting diversity of these most sound products and ideas, right here, all in one place.

Nurture your mind with ideas, some heralding back to antique philosophy, others representing postmodern innovative thought and research. Find for yourself the most exciting original art, literature, and music.

You are welcome to purchase any product directly from our exhibitors.

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A couple of your encouraging words addressed to these hardworking business owners, creative producers, artists, inventors, researchers and educators, who are making sound changes in our troubled existence, would be highly appreciated.

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